About the Center for Data Analytics

Who We Are

The Center for Data Analytics (CDA) is the unified community for "Big Data" and "Data Analytics" at the Georgia Institute of Technology. We enable scientific advancement in challenging big data problems while providing integrated leadership for data analytics to the scientific community, government, and industry. As a center under the Institute for Data and High Performance Computing, the CDA brings broad and deep expertise to a wide range of related areas from mathematical/statistical foundations, continuous/discrete algorithms, production quality software, and critical areas of applications. Some of the current areas of expertise in foundational, algorithm, and software areas include Machine Learning/Statistical Computing, Optimization/Computational Mathematics, Numerical and Scientific Computing/Geometric Computing, Modeling and Simulation, Discrete/Graph Algorithms, Information Retrieval, Text Mining, Web Mining, Information Visualization/Visual Analytics, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, High Performance Computing, Database, Software Engineering, and Real-time Systems.

What We Do

As a leading research center in big data analytics, we are making contributions to society through foundational research by bringing the state-of-the-art computational breakthroughs to important current applications of interest such as biomedical, healthcare, materials, sustainability, finance, cyber security, and energy. Based on our strong history and culture of collaboration and multi-disciplinary research at Georgia Tech, we are making profound advances in the big data movement through strong collaborations among the groups providing applied research, professional quality software development expertise, and state-of-the-art knowledge in foundational areas of research.